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Denture Care: Tips for a durable and functional denture

Taking care of your all types of dentures is a key aspect to maintaining the health of your mouth, increasing the useful life and functioning of your dentures.

In this article we explain the care you should take with all types of dental prostheses, as well as specific care according to the type of denture you use (removable or fixed).

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Care in all types of Dentures

Chewing Care

As with your natural teeth, you should:

  • Avoid chewing hard objects (for example: pens), opening bottles, or eating ice.
  • Chew as evenly as possible using all your teeth, avoid chewing on just one side.
  • Avoid sticky foods or chewing gum

Checkups with your Dentist

Every 6 months visit your trusted dentist to perform complete maintenance on your prosthesis, check its fit and your occlusion (bite).

Only your dentist should make the adjustments or modifications that your prosthesis needs.

Removable Denture Care

Cleaning your Removable Denture:

Have two soft-bristled toothbrushes: One for your mouth and one for your dentures.

In the case of cleaning your mouth: you should follow normal dental hygiene by brushing very gently after each meal. Don’t forget to also brush your tongue and the gums in your toothless areas.

Routine cleaning of your prosthesis: you should clean it at least twice a day with its exclusive brush and a little neutral soap: NEVER use toothpaste or other products that may be abrasive such as vinegar or toilet soap. Make sure it is completely clean without food debris or dental plaque.

Deep cleaning: A very deep cleaning is important using a solution of special effervescent tablets for cleaning dental prostheses such as the Corega Tabs®. Use it following the product instructions.

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Denture brushing

Care when handling

While it is true that most removable dentures are made of acrylic, which is a very strong material, it never hurts to handle them with care, mainly to prevent them from falling to the floor.

Hooks: If your removable prosthesis has metal hooks, handle it carefully so as not to puncture yourself or alter its shape.

Care when storing it

It is important that your prosthesis is always moist so that the acrylic remains in excellent condition and shape.

You can only let it submerge it in water only if you change the water every day, otherwise you would be creating a breeding ground for bacteria.

Keep it in a cool place, out of the reach of children and pets.

Care of Fixed Dentures

Fixed prostheses are very similar to your teeth, therefore the care is similar, especially care aimed at taking care of the gums and tissues around the prosthesis, to say:

Ultrasonic dental cleanings: periodic removal of calculus from all your teeth, including the abutments and bridges of your prosthesis

Dental hygiene with dental floss for crowns: this is a slightly thicker floss, use it to clean the teeth of your prosthesis mainly in its cervical area. As references, you have the Oral-b superfloss and follow its instructions.

Periodic x-rays: it is necessary to monitor the health of the pillars and bone.


Only with proper maintenance can you enjoy the security and confidence that dental prostheses offer.

You carry out care daily and periodically with your trusted dentist.


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