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Dental Fillings

Did you know that a poorly made or maintained dental filling can leak and cause cavities inside your tooth that are not invisible to the naked eye and that can kill your tooth to the point of losing it?

Do not be guided only by the price when deciding which dentist will eliminate the cavities of your teeth when your are here in Quito, Ecuador. There are other factors that you must consider and here we will tell you about them.

Calzas o resinas en Quito

At Asiri we are ultra-conservative: we do not like to use the turbine (drill) and 94% of the time we eliminate cavities WITHOUT USING THE ANNOYING DRILL

At Asiri we are ultra-conservative: we don’t like to use the turbine (drill) and 94% of the time we eliminate cavities

What are Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings, composite restorations or white fillings are one of the most common procedures of dental restoration

Its purpose is to restore or repair a dental unit (tooth) that has a cavity caused by caries.

Caries damages the hard tissues of the tooth creating cavities that can reach deep areas of the tooth and cause a lot of discomfort and even pain.

In these cases, the dentist proceeds to remove all the tissue affected by caries and then fills this space with a resin composite material.

Once in the cavity, the composite resin is molded according to the anatomy of the tooth.

Once in the proper shape, the resin undergoes a hardening process with ultraviolet light called photo-curing.

Subsequently, the shape is adjusted to the occlusion (bite) of the patient and polished to have a natural finish.

This restoration is actually called Composite Resin Obturation , however in popular slang names such as, filling or white filling,

Previously, when high-hardness resins did not exist, a mercury-based material was used for these restorations. This material is called amalgam.

Amalgam is practically in disuse because it represented a risk for the dentist due to its mercury content. Also from an aesthetic point of view, its silver color affected the aesthetics of the tooth.

Fillings are used to repair teeth that have been affected by caries
We dentists call this a composite resin restoration.

Are There Different Qualities of Fillings?

Indeed: YES, there are different qualities of this material and this is a very important factor in the success of the treatment.

There are qualities like:

  • Ease of handling to place it in the mouth and molded
  • Strength or hardness once the procedure is finished
  • The duration of the color.
  • Durable polishing
  • Wear resistance

In the Asiri Dental Center , for your dental fillings in Quito, we only use composite resins from the 3M that guarantee us successful, more durable treatments and we do not transfer their cost to the final price, it is In other words, you will have the highest quality and with a fair price and within the market standards.

Calzas y resinas en quito
3M Composites Photo: R. Jiménez

If you have caries problems in your teeth, do not hesitate to treat yourself to 100% recommended dentists and they will become your trusted dentists. Only at the dental clinic of the Asiri Dental Center in Quito

How Much Does a Dental Filling Cost in Ecuador?

The price of a filling depends on different variables that you must consider to ensure that your dental restoration is going to be durable and most importantly: safe.

The Size of the Cavity:

Here we talk about the number of faces of the tooth that are affected by caries.

  • Simple: caries occupies only one face of the tooth
  • Composite: cavity occupies two faces of the tooth
  • Complex: caries occupies 3 faces of the tooth
  • Large build-up: there are 3 or more affected faces, in these cases we are already talking about dental reconstructions or onlays.

Technique Used:

The cost of the filling also depends on the techniques used, the more care is taken, for example, working with absolute insulation to avoid any type of contamination and thus improve the safety and quality of the filling.

grandes reconstrucciones en resina en quito
Absolute insulation with rubber, key to a good filling

There are also techniques that allow us to reduce and sometimes even eliminate the use of the turbine or drill through the use of special materials that dissolve or soften the decay so that it can be removed without the need for a drill.

You can also opt for conscious sedation during dental treatments in which a certified anesthesiologist takes the patient in a controlled manner to a state where they will be sedated and will not remember anything or hear the sounds of the drill, eliminating discomfort that may cause anxiety or fear.

Materials Used

As we discussed earlier, there are different qualities of the material to be used in a dental restoration and its success may depend on this.

In general terms, a filling in Ecuador costs from $30. That is, using the best materials and techniques to guarantee a quality, safe and reliable result.


The quality of technique and materials when executing a resin restoration or cosmetic dental filling determines its safety.

The safety of a dental filling lies in the fact that it does not present bacteria leaks into the tooth that generate cavities in its interior and that affect the pulp (dental nerve) or its dental crown and that later require:

For this reason, we invite you not only to consider the issue of price as a determining factor in your decision.

You have the right to ask about the materials and techniques used.

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