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About Us – Your English Speaking Dentists in Quito

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Dra. Krisna Casal

We are a team of English speaking Dentists in Quito, made up solely and exclusively of 100% recommended professionals who focus on the happiness of our patients

Earning the trust of our patients is our main goal and we achieve it with Honesty, Responsibility, Sustainability and with a high sense of professional ethics.

In our dental care center in Quito, we have very rigorous cleaning, disinfection and sterilization processes as a guarantee of biosafety for our patients and collaborators.

All this makes us the best dentists in Ecuador, keep reading and you will understand why.

The way we are an English Speaking Dental Care Center is because you’ll count on Ramón Jiménez, our Bilingual Treatment Counselor .

He’ll make sure that communication is effective and you can clearly understand all messages from our dentists.

ramon antonio jimenez molina
Director Técnico

Ramón makes sure that everything works so that your dental experience is special. From Biosafety, to being your bilingual treatments counselor

Get to know us inside

English Speaking Dentists in Quito

Meet our Dentists in Quito

Our dental team, carefully selected by our founder.

Organizational values matched professionals

All branches of dentistry at your disposal

English Speaking Dentists in Quito

The most biosecure Dentists in Quito

For us, biosecurity protocols, CDC Based, are not a fad, they have always been and will continue to be our normal way of working & nbsp;

dentist for seniors

Dentists for grandparents

We are dentists who love the elders of the house, we are very pleased to see grandparents smile.

urgency dentist in quito

Your trusted dentist in Quito

Call us or write to us at +593 99 5415715 and we will gladly help you know if you have a real dental emergency


Our Guiding Principles

Learn about our guiding principles and how we put them into practice to guide you on the path to fullness in oral health.

trusted dentist in quito

We’ll end up being friends

More than patients, we are friends or Asiriers.

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