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dental crowns in Quito Ecuador

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are one of the most used techniques to recover dental pieces severely damaged by replacing the damaged natural tissue with special materials that emulate natural teeth. They are mainly used in cases in which the external part of the tooth (natural crown) has been affected by large cavities or fractures that render the […]

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grandes reconstrucciones de resina

Large Dental Reconstructions

The permanence of a tooth in the mouth begins to be put at risk when it presents cavities that warrant a composite resin ; For this reason, large dental reconstructions have been a widely used option in oral rehabilitation . In these conditions of great dental deterioration, the tooth can be the object of death

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dental onlay in quito

Dental Onlay

When decay destroys part of the tooht, dental inlay is a conservative technique for your comfort, safety and at a lower price than dental crowns. your tooth, you should go to your dentist to remove the decay and do the dental restoration that corresponds to you, most likely a dental onlay is your solution. But,

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dental aesthetics in quito

Dental Aesthetics in Quito

We deal with cosmetic dental aesthetics problems in Quito, Ecuador related to the harmony and rehabilitation of your teeth. We use minimally invasive and ultra-conservative techniques and thus maintain the enamel of your teeth during your cosmetic dental treatment. We are lovers of natural smiles and in harmony with your face, mouth and skin tones,

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Calzas o resinas en Quito

Dental Fillings

Did you know that a poorly made or maintained dental filling can leak and cause cavities inside your tooth that are not invisible to the naked eye and that can kill your tooth to the point of losing it? Do not be guided only by the price when deciding which dentist will eliminate the cavities

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Smile Design Quito Ecuador

Smile Design in Quito

Do you want to improve your smile to be able to show it with your family, friends and close friends in those photos you always wanted? With a natural and beautiful smile you will increase your self-esteem and self-confidence by projecting your image to the world and achieving your goals more quickly. Below you will

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