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A Maxillofacial Surgeon is a specialist who is dedicated to the study, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of problems related to the face, skull, head and neck, oral cavity, jaws and teeth.

The maxillofacial surgeon agrees in many areas with the dentist, unlike that he specializes and has extensive knowledge in oral surgery

He has exceptional skills and experience to perform complicated extractions, bone grafts and dental implants.

Oral or maxillofacial surgery corresponds to a fourth level degree, that is, it is a medical specialization in addition to the third level degree in Dentistry or Medicine.

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Why do I Need a Maxillofacial Surgeon to Perform Extractions?

The main benefit of treating your complex dental extractions with an oral or maxillofacial surgeon is the level of safety and comfort that this professional offers you.

By having more experience and skills, the time of surgery is much shorter and therefore, the levels of post-operative inflammation are much lower, which in turn reduces discomfort during your recovery.

By having less inflammation the recovery time is much shorter.

Likewise, an extraction of a tooth or wisdom teeth, as simple as it may seem, can have complications that only a specialist can easily solve.

Only the Maxillofacial Surgeon can foresee the most appropriate technique to extract the tooth, carry out extractions, give you the post-surgical indications, and not present complications

This is done through the study of images, either radiographic or tomographic and applying his experience obtained throughout his career in surgery..

Likewise, an oral surgeon performs many procedures that solve problems with your face and oral cavity.

What Else Does the Oral-Maxillofacial Surgeon do?

The specialization in Maxillofacial Surgery is very broad and covers many procedures, among the most common we have:

  • Dental Implants, with which you can recover lost teeth.
  • Regeneration of bone tissues, necessary when you lose the tissues that support your teeth.
  • Wisdom teeth extraction or third molar surgery, which usually has to be carried out upon reaching the age of majority.
  • Bichectomy or Facial Lipectomy, managing to outline your face with reduction of the volume of your cheeks.
  • Elevation of the floor of the maxillary sinus, when you require more space to place a dental implant and support it properly.
  • Facial and jaw reconstructions for some reason of genetic malformation, accidents and oncological causes
  • Oral tumor removal.
  • Oral cyst removal.
  • Complex dental extractions.

What Should I do to Consult with a Specialist in Oral Surgery in Quito?

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