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Removable Partial Denture: Full and natural smile

Losing a tooth can affect not only our physical appearance, but also our ability to eat and speak with confidence. Fortunately, there is a perfect solution to this problem: removable partial dentures. This type of dental prosthesis offers a comfortable and long-lasting solution to replace one or more missing teeth.

Removable partial dentures are an economical alternative to dental implants.

They consist of a metal or acrylic base that adjusts to the shape of your mouth either at the top or at the bottom, and are designed to fit correctly into your smile. Additionally, they are easy to put on and take off, allowing for convenient cleaning and maintenance.

With a removable partial denture, you can regain the functionality and natural appearance of your teeth. You will be able to enjoy your favorite foods without restrictions and speak with confidence, without worrying about the appearance of your smile.

Don’t let the loss of a tooth stop you from living fully. Discover the perfect solution for you with partial removable dentures. Get your smile back and feel confident again. Make an appointment with your dentist today!

prótesis dental parcial removible en acrilico

What is a removable partial denture?

A removable partial denture is a type of dental prosthesis that:

  • It is partial: that is, it only replaces some teeth. Unlike the total prosthesis that replaces them all.
  • It is removable: it can be taken in and out of the mouth very easily

Advantages of removable partial dentures

  • Economical: its price is lower than, for example, dental implants.
  • Easy maintenance: they can be removed and inserted, making it easy to clean and maintain
  • Healthy: you will be able to chew better, improving your digestion and the quality of your bite.
  • Easy adaptation: a PPR tends to be somewhat thinner and more stylized, which helps the process of getting used to its use.
  • Stable: being partial, it means that there are other teeth in the mouth, which helps the prosthesis have better support and stability

Types of removable partial dentures

The types of partial dentures are distinguished mainly by their material or technology used.

  • Acrylic dentures: it is a dental prosthesis made with a 100% acrylic structure and may have some steel wire hooks.
  • Metal prosthesis: made with a very strong chrome – cobalt metal structure that forms the skeleton of the prosthesis and also its hooks. Normally they also have acrylic areas and the metal is inside giving greater strength.
  • Flexible dentures: It is a metal-free removable dental prosthesis made of a material similar to acrylic but more flexible, which in most cases allows it to dispense with or emulate hooks, making them more aesthetic.
estructura de cromo cobalto para prótesis dental parcial removible
Chrome-Cobalt Framework for a Removable Partial Dental Prosthesis

How to care for removable partial dentures

The maintenance of your prosthesis is very important to be able to preserve it for many years, which is why we have created a special article for the Care of Dental Prostheses where you can find tips and advice for cleaning, manipulation and control.

Common Concerns About Removable Partial Dentures

  • Hooks are ugly: Depending on their location, metal hooks can be visible and spoil your smile. However, your dentist, to the extent possible, will design the prosthesis so that the hooks are not noticeable.
  • They can come out or move while I speak: in a good partial denture, well designed and well maintained, this situation should not occur because their retention in the mouth is one of the main factors of the design and periodic check-ups.

Steps to obtain your removable partial denture

Like any dental procedure, dentures must be performed by visiting your trusted dentist, who is the only one authorized to perform treatments in the mouth.

If the dentist is specialized in the area of prosthetics, he is called a Prosthodontist or Oral Rehabilitator.

Your dentist will work hand in hand with his dental technician, who, with his knowledge, will follow the instructions that he indicates so that the final result is successful.

  • Initially they will take an impression of the inside of your mouth, usually made with a material called alginate.
  • From this impression, plaster models are obtained that have the exact shape of the inside of your mouth.
  • Using this model, your dentist together with your dental technician will design and make, in wax, a model of your denture.
  • This model will be taken to your mouth to evaluate a large number of aspects related to your bite.
  • Most likely in the previous point there will be modifications that are executed
  • The already modified trial prosthesis is tested again in your mouth and will be tested successively until you obtain a trial denture with the exact shape it should have for your bite to be satisfactory.
  • Through special processes in the dental laboratory, the trial denture that is made of wax is transformed into a definitive prosthesis made of acrylic.

Alternatives to removable partial dentures

You can opt for other types of prostheses, for this reason, your dentist could offer you:

Price of removable partial dentures

The cost of removable partial dentures can vary depending on several factors such as the quality of the materials used, the complexity of the case, here are some factors to consider when evaluating the cost of removable partial dentures:

  • Number of Teeth: in the case of a partial prosthesis, the cost will be very directly associated with the number of missing teeth that will be replaced
  • Type of denture: The cost may vary depending on the type of denture you choose, whether it is only acrylic, chrome – cobalt or flexible
  • Materials used: The type of materials used in dentures can also influence the cost. High-quality dentures made from durable, strong materials such as cobalt-chrome metal frame dentures may have a higher price tag, but they also offer greater long-term durability and comfort. The quality of the teeth is also important, there are different brands, qualities and aesthetic qualities.
  • Additional procedures: In some cases, additional procedures, such as tooth extractions or gum treatments, may need to be performed before dentures are placed. These procedures can increase the total cost of treatment.

It is important to talk to your dentist about the cost of dentures and discuss available financing options. Some dental clinics offer flexible payment plans or accept credit cards that can help you cover expenses. Don’t let cost be a barrier to getting the dentures you need to restore your smile and confidence.


A removable partial denture is a simple solution that can greatly improve your health and quality of life.

Do not miss the opportunity to recover your smile and the efficiency of your chewing function, at the Asiri Dental Center we can help you create your removable partial dental prosthesis in Quito. Contact us


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