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Dr. Bianca Barradas

Dra. Bianca Barradas en el Centro Odontológico Asiri

About me

I am Bianca Margarita Barradas Gómez, Oral Rehabilitator or Prosthodontist at the Asiri Dental Center in Quito

My passion

Genuinely and selflessly help each and every one of the patients who trust me and my team.

For this, I always seek incessantly to create, train and maintain a team of colleagues who have the values and guiding principles of asiri.

My objectives

My mission is to ensure that my patients recover the function of their masticatory system and their dental aesthetics through my experience and development of conservative and minimally invasive techniques.

I can help you:

My professional experience

2017 – todayOral rehabilitator at the Asiri Dental Center, in Quito
2016 – 2017Oral rehabilitation in various dental centers in the city of Quito, including: Sudental, Code, HG Dental Clinic, Denting and Más Salud
2015 – 2016Homologation Process in the Republic of Ecuador of the Title of Dentist and Specialization in Oral Rehabilitation (SENESCYT, CACES and MSP)

Major Academic Achievements

2012Universidad de los AndesSpecialization in Oral Rehabilitation.
2018Unidad de Formación Implantológica. Dr.
Romel Álvarez.
Clinical training in Oral Implantology
2007Universidad de los AndesDiploma “Clinical Photography for Dentists”.
2003Universidad de los AndesDiploma of “Contemporary Dental Aesthetics and Operative”.
2002Universidad de los AndesDentist

My hobbies

  • Listen to musit
  • Watch series

My Articles

Below is a list of my published articles that I hope will be of your use, I invite you to visit them.

Bianca Margarita Barradas Gómez
Rehabilitadora Bucal

Dr. Bianca restores smiles where previously there were missing, severely damaged, dysfunctional or poorly aesthetic teeth.

More about Dr. Bianca Barradas

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