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Sometimes cavities go further until get to the tooth nerve and kill it.

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Endodontics in Quito – What Does it Solve?

Endodontics is the mother specialty of Conservative Dentistry because it is the one that has become the most technified to preserve teeth into our mouth.

Its objective is: to save teeth, trying to keep it in the mouth as long as possible.

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Severe Dental Pain

Below we detail the main problems that this specialty attacks:

When the decay progresses and reaches the pulp (nerve) of the tooth, as a result, the death of the nerve or dental pulp occurs. This process is called pulp necrosis.

This process generates intense throbbing pain that practically does not subside and can be intensified by the heat or cold of meals.

Once the nerve of the tooth is dead (pulp necrosis), the dental pulp begins to decompose and this putrefaction gives way to internal infection of the tooth and its surroundings.

This infection forms an abscess that often becomes visible in the gum area with the expulsion of pus, as well as the presence of inflammation, pain, fever and even loss of bone tissue.

If you present these symptoms, your trusted endodontist will carry out a set of tests that will suggest the state of the pulp or dental nerve of your affected tooth.

In any of these stages and in order to save the tooth, it is necessary to perform a Root Canal Treatment in Quito, you can do it at your trusted dental clinic.

This endodontic treatment consists of removing the affected nerve, carefully cleaning the canals and filling them with a special material that seals the root so that microbes that can cause infections do not enter its interior.

More details about this treatment can be found in our article: Root Canal Treatment in Quito

Endodoncia en quito

Correction of Failed Root Canals

Sometimes a root canal treatment can fail, consequently it is necessary to perform it again, removing all the material previously placed, correcting the failure and sealing the roots of the teeth again.

This treatment, better known as endodontic retreatment, is the restoration of a failed root canal treatment, consequently managing to keep the tooth in the mouth for longer.

The causes of the failure of the initial root canal treatment are diverse and mainly directed towards inadequate techniques that allow the re-infection of the interior of the teeth.

You can get more details in our article dedicated to root canal retreatments or Re-endodontics

Dental Root Holes Repair

Sometimes you can get perforations in the roots of the teeth that can be caused by resorption (loss of tissue) or also by the same instruments used in a root canal treatment that can penetrate and make a hole inside the tooth.

In these cases, a repair can be made with special cements and it can be done from the inside of the tooth or from the outside through surgery.

Roots With Open Ends

The apicoformation or apexification ensures the closure of the apex, through the application of special materials that promote this closure.

Normally, several sessions are required to achieve the stated objective.

Nerve or Dental Pulp at Risk of Being Affected by Cavities.

This procedure seeks to extend the life of the pulp by placing special materials inside the tooth where the pulp is in danger of being damaged.

These special materials promote the formation of dentin on the pulp for natural protection.

If this is achieved, you can count on long-lasting protection that delays the degeneration process that would lead to the need for root canal treatment.

Endodontics in Children

Many times and for lack of good dental prevention, our children suffer from advanced caries that affect their temporary or milk teeth to make them not vital.

In these cases there are two endodontic procedures that are performed:


It is used in cases of temporary teeth with exposed pulp due to very deep caries or trauma, being the state of the pulp normal or with reversible pulpitis.

In the treatment part of the affected pulp is eliminated by placing a material together with the remaining pulp that remains vital.

Then proceed to obturar to reconstruct the affected tooth


Applies when the tooth shows a level of chronic inflammation or necrosis in the root pulp.

Then proceed to remove 2/3 of the pulp or nerve of the temporal tooth, but the root should be kept at least 2/3 of the normal length.

Later it is filled with a material that is reabsorbed, and reconstruction is carried out.

How is it Determined if Pulpotomy or Pulpectomy Should be Done?

By means of a Periapical radiograph of the affected part, it is determined how much the roots have been affected

Where Can I get an Endodontics in Quito?

At the Asiri Dental Center, we can give you the best treatments for root canals in Quito. Made by endodontists of first line and equipment and materials of last generation, and without paying more.

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    Soon after landing in Quito I got horrendous pain fron an existing filling. With only 2 days until my … More big 1 month holiday began, the Asiri team recommended me painkillers, got me an xray and completed a root canal. Their service was very friendly and professional, and it was so helpful to be able to chat to them via WhatsApp in english as I didn't have a local sim yet for calls. The procedore was quick and painless. Very very grateful to them for saving my holiday! Gracias 🙂
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    Asiri is a trustworthy and high quality orthodontics clínic. They attended to me with care, profesionalism … More and very clear communication in English and Spanish. A very coordinated team indeed. They explained all my treatment options (I needed to have urgent root canals and a microsurgery) and they kept me informed at each stage, including when it came to tooth alignment and bite correction with the use of the Invisalign technology. I'm from the UK and during the numerous dentist appointments I've had back home, noone explained to me the longer term negative impacts of not correcting a deep bite with the use of orthodontics. Asiri got me up to Speed. I can strongly recommend any expats/foreigners requiring dental care in Quito to get in touch with Asiri right away.
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    I came from Ireland looking for an English speaking dentist while staying in Ecuador for a couple of … More months. I am an somebody who has avoided going to the dentist for long periods of time. I have to say that the service i received was excellent, the work that was done was excellent and I was made feel very comfortable during my whole experience. I interacted with 3 members of the team and everyone of them was very professional and friendly. Ramon did an amazing job translating Into English when it was needed and made my entire experience very positive.Thanks to all the staff there. I highly recommend Asiri dentistry for any of you gringos a little bit nervous about a dental visit.