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Dr. Krisna Casal

Krisna casal

About me

I am Krisna Casal Navas, founding Dentist of the Asiri Dental Center

My passion

Genuinely and selflessly help each and every one of the patients who trust me and my team.

For this, I always seek incessantly to create, train and maintain a team of colleagues who have the values ​​and guiding principles of Asiri.

My objectives

My mission is to ensure that you recover and maintain your dental health by coordinating the performance of the team of dentists that I have carefully selected in order to provide a reliable dental service with a very high rate of successful treatment.

I can help you:

  • Solve your dental problem, evaluating you and indicating the best path to follow
  • Contrast different opinions within my team to offer you all possible options
  • Improve your practices in prevention and dental hygiene
  • Maintain your dental hygiene through regular dental cleanings
  • remove caries
  • Correct bad bites with the use of Invisible Orthodontics

My professional experience

2017 – todayFounder and Medical Director of the Asiri Dental Center, in Quito
2016 – 2017Rural Dentist MSP Ecuador in Cotacachi Canton
2015 – 2016Homologation Process in the Republic of Ecuador of the Dentist Title (SENESCYT, CEAACES and MSP)
2001 – 2014Founder and Medical Director of the Sonrisitas Integral Center in Venezuela
2000Obtained Dentist’s Degree

Major Academic Achievements

I am a Dentist graduated in the year 2000 from the University of Carabobo, I practice dentistry in the private sector since 2001, and I hold various diplomas and certifications in the areas of: Dental aesthetics, Orthodontics, Orthopedics and Pediatric Dentistry.

My hobbies

  • Go to the gym
  • Listen to music
  • Watch movies
  • Cook

My Publications

Below is a list of my published articles that I hope will be of your use, I invite you to visit them.

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Our Foundress and guardian of our Values
Dr. Krisna makes sure that the treatment you receive is successful by contrasting opinions between all the doctors that are necessary and ensuring a neat execution of all the processes.

More about Dr. Krisna Casal

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