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The knowledge of Preventive Dentistry is fundamental for our patients to achieve excellent oral health.

At our Dental Care Office, Asiri we have received many complex cases that could have been avoided if the person had had the right information at the right time.

Prevención Dental

Prevention: The Key to Excellent Oral Health

So, we want to guide you NOW! in early detection of any condition that may deviate you from the path of full oral health.

Next we will present our vision of prevention in dentistry that covers much beyond the medical issue exclusively.

And we also have an exclusive section for the prevention of childhood cavities.

You will have tips and very concise information that will help you make the right decisions to protect the oral health of you and your whole family.

You will also have links to more detailed information of the most important points that we will build and deepen for you

This information is always written in clear terms that facilitate your understanding of each topic.

Benefits of dental prevention for your health and your budget

Financial aspects

Before moving forward on to the dental issue as such, we want to touch on the economic benefits of having your routine dental check-up.

For instance, we can get you several examples that will give you an idea of ​​the added value of dental prevention:

  • A dental prophylaxis in Quito costs approximately the same as a composite restoration (filling) and in fact it can avoid many of them.
  • A filling made on time can avoid a root canal treatment that costs about 10 times what filling does.
  • Losing a natural tooth is priceless and if you want to recover it with a dental implant, it costs about 40 times what prophylaxis does.

Dental Aspects

With these simple examples we try to give it an economic or finacial approach, however, the true value of dental prevention is in the health benefits that it offers you, such as:

  • Prevents the appearance of tooth decay, and periodontal diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis or pyorrhea .
  • Allows early detection of serious diseases such as oral cancer.
  • Keep all your teeth healthy, in your mouth you will avoid tooth loss , or you will need extractions, prostheses or implants.
  • You detect and eradicate habits or diseases such as bruxism that can cause wear of your teeth , tooth sensitivity or fractures of teeth .
  • You keep your breath fresh, removing halitosis or bad breath , in a mouth with healthy gums and clean and white teeth.
  • Maintaining good oral health reduces the possibility of respiratory diseases 1

Dental prevention is the only activity that will keep your mouth healthy and avoid major expenses

How do I do Dental Prevention?

Here’s a list of things to do or watch out for:

Prevention At Home

  • Brush your teeth correctly and floss after each meal, so you will keep your teeth clean and free of bacteria that cause dental disease.
  • Use mouthwash after each brushing and flossing, this point is the best complement to brushing because it delays the reproduction of bacteria, so your mouth will be clean for longer. This is what we call Dental Hygiene
  • Periodically change your toothbrush , you do nothing brushing every day … but bad.
  • Do not eat ice or very hard food or very crispy and much less using your teeth as tools, you can fracture your teeth.
  • Avoid ingesting acids such as pure lemon juice or green mango . The acid corrodes your teeth, you will develop sensitivity and more cavities.
  • Avoid dark drinks (wine, coffee, soda) so you will keep your teeth white. If you do, drink water or brush at the end, but preferably avoid them.
  • Check with your family members if they notice any dental habits such as grinding your teeth while you sleep, you could wear them down until you lose them . Another sign is pain in your cheeks when you wake up .
  • Do not overlook mild symptoms or signs such as dental bleeding when brushing, red gums, bad taste in your mouth or bad breath, you could have gingivitis; or periodontitis that could lead to mobility and tooth loss.
  • Even less ignore moderate or more serious symptoms such as recession of your gums, sensitivity when you drink cold drinks or when you brushes, much less tooth mobility
  • Discard drinks and sugary foods , you would be giving sugar to the batteries so that they convert it into the acids that generate cavities.

Prevention with your Trusted Dentists in Ecuador | The Periodic Dental Checkup

Only your trusted dentist can guide you towards full oral health and the first step is your regular dental checkup

Our experience in prevention allowed us to design a periodic dental examination appointment under parameters unique verification that you won’t find elsewhere.

The aspects that we evaluate will give you the certainty that you have covered all the points that dentally you need to be calm in the dental field.

In addition to the examination, this checkup includes a dental prophylaxis and even educational aspects for you and your family.

You can order this Dental hygiene check by any of our contact means once and we take care of it as usual.

Most omissions in dental health issues end in severe problems

What is “Brushing Right” like?

Sometimes we think we are brushing well; but sometimes it’s not true.

The main mistakes in brushing are:

  • Excessive force when brushing that wears down our teeth and produces sensitivity
  • Do not brush all of the sides of your teeth, leaving places without brushing
  • Use a brush old that no longer cleans well.
  • Do not use dental floss or mouthwash.

It is VERY important that you visit us every 6 to 10 months and allow us to carry out a general review of your dental health.

How do I learn a brushing technique for effective Dental Prevention?

In the Asiri Dental Center located in Quito we can review your current brushing technique and recommend modifications that allow you to have an impeccable brushing and your teeth are super clean. So you can visit us and we will gladly explain to you and your family.

For correct tooth brushing, you must follow an established technique


Many complex dental diseases or pathologies have their origin in aspects that could have been detected through adequate prevention, always in the hands of your trusted dentist.

A routine dental checkup accompanied by periodic dental prophylaxis is a determining factor to avoid diseases that are progressive and sometimes serious and irreversible.

I emphasize the word periodic because it is a key attribute that will allow you to handle in time any deviation that may occur in your oral health.

In Quito you have an affordable Dental Center where we focus on your happiness and fulfillment with values ​​that guide us on the path of prevention.


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