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Smile Design in Quito

Do you want to improve your smile to be able to show it with your family, friends and close friends in those photos you always wanted?

With a natural and beautiful smile you will increase your self-esteem and self-confidence by projecting your image to the world and achieving your goals more quickly.

Below you will find guidelines for the techniques that are normally used to beautify your teeth.

Smile Design Quito Ecuador

¿Not happy with the size, shape, color or position of your teeth?

Sometimes our teeth are very small, very large, broken, with decay that has damaged them, with yellowish spots or colors. It may be that they are misaligned.

These are the main reasons why today there are many people who choose to have a smile design to achieve beautiful teeth and therefore a natura, pleasant and harmonious smile.

¿What is a Smile Design?

In modern dentistry there is the term “Smile Design” to encompass all aesthetic dental techniques that seek to achieve a beautiful denture according to the characteristics of the person who wears it.

Many factors are taken into account to achieve a smile in harmony.

It is considered sex, age, skin color, face shape, eye color, type of smile and lips, among others. These parameters are key to achieving a natural smile design.

The most used techniques range from orthodontics to the design of veneers in a wide variety of materials, through dental whitening and gum trimming.

What are the Types of Smile Designs?

The types go directly to the techniques used, so we can find:

Teeth Whitening

Blanqueamiento Dental

Non-invasive technique that involves the application in the office of special chemical agents that lighten tooth enamel

Used in people who are happy with their teeth and only want their smile to be whiter.

It is also used prior to a smile design treatment based on veneers to adjust the teeth to the final color of the veneers to be used.

Teeth Whitening at Home

In addition to professional dental treatment in the office, there are a wide variety of home treatments that can be successful in mild cases, here are several products that might interest you:


ortodoncia invisible en quito
Clear Aligners

Orthodontics is the use of devices that align the teeth. Normally braces are used which are increasingly obsolete by the appearance of Invisible Orthodontics Smile Aligner

Smile Design with Dental Veneers in Composite or Ceramic

porcelain smile design
Porcelain Smile Design

Dental Veneers are very thin sheets of special materials that are placed on the surface of the teeth to achieve an extremely aesthetic appearance by having perfect size, color and anatomy.

At this point you have several options depending on the material from which the veneers are made:

  • Ceramic smile design
  • Composite smile design

The most used materials are: Resin or Composite (same material used in dental fillings and buildups) , Porcelain or Zirconium

Each material has its characteristics and applications, so you should consult your dentist who will give you the option that best suits your case.

FAQ’s about Smile Design

How much does a smile design cost in Quito Ecuador?

It all depends on the technique you are going to use, usually they come in packages, for example: Gingival Trimming + Teeth Whitening + Veneers in Resins can be found between $ 500 and $ 800

What are the steps to make me a smile design in Quito?

The first thing you should do is make an appointment at the Asiri Dental Center, where with great professionalism and honesty, we will recommend the best smile design scheme you require.

What are the risks of a smile design?

It is important that you know that when installing veneers you must start taking care of them in a very special way to avoid breaking them.

Also, you should know that in some cases it is required to wear the enamel of your teeth a little to be able to accommodate the veneer.
In dental rinses there are no greater risks than some sensitivity in the first 48 to 72 hours.

In orthodontics, the greatest risk is to do it with untrained people or specialists who can force very sharp movements in your teeth that affect their roots.

What precautions should I have if I already have a Smile Design?

You should not chew very hard or crunchy foods

Eliminates bruxism habits (clenching teeth)

Use protective splints.

Periodically Check your veneers.

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