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Invisible Orthodontics

Do you need orthodontics in Quito, Ecuador… but don’t want anyone to notice?

Using Clear Aligners you can achieve that… !!!

Having braces is a thing of the past, today you can have orthodontics without anyone noticing that you have it

Better yet, you can have orthodontics without discomfort or irritation, without bad breath, without food placed in the devices and with movements so delicate and precise that take care of the roots of the teeth avoiding dental losses.

There are many types of orthodontics but it will be in your smile aligners certified dental center in Quito where they can help you to know if this type applies to you, here we will explain the details.

Clear Aligners in Ecuador

Invisible Orthodontics in Quito

Do you need to align your teeth without anyone noticing?

If you have misaligned teeth Today you can have transparent aesthetic orthodontics without anyone realizing you have it.

It is orthodontics without braces, without discomfort or irritation, without bad breath, without food stuck in the appliances and with movements so delicate and precise that they take care of the roots of the teeth, avoiding tooth loss.

Transparent trays called transparent aligners are used, which are devices very similar to dental retainers.

alineadores Invisibles
Aligners o Alineadores Invisibles

A veces es necesario colocar en algunos dientes unos pequeños puntos de resina del mismo color de tus dientes llamados attachments o topes.

attachment o tope
Attachment de Ortodoncia Invisible

¿What is Invisible Orthodontics?

Invisible Orthodontics is one of the aesthetic orthodontic systems most demanded by patients and in Quito you get it at the Asiri Dental Center.

This preference is mainly due to its high level of aesthetics, comfort and accuracy in the treatment result.

“Transparent orthodontics” is the latest in orthodontics and is based on the use of invisible, individualized, removable aligners that are also called clear aligners or dental aligners and they are very similar to dental retainers.

The aligners are manufactured with planning of the treatment objectives in a computerized way so the results are much more predictable.

The systems of aligners or transparent aligners are designed to perform gradual and safe dental movements, that is to say orthodontics without brackets.

This accuracy is achieved through CAD-CAM technology by scanning the prints or direct intraoral scanning.

Aligners have a number of advantages over conventional orthodontic systems

Aligner systems or transparent aligners are designed to make gradual and safe dental movements without metal attachments, that is, orthodontics without brackets.

This accuracy is achieved through CAD-CAM technology by scanning the impressions or direct intraoral scanning.

3D Orthodontic treatment simulation

Aligners have a series of advantages over conventional orthodontic systems:
1) High Aesthetics,
3) Greater Hygiene, Easy Cleaning,
4) Comfort of use for the patient
5) Computer treatment, more effective for dental malpositions (malocclusions)

Problems that Invisible Orthodontics Solve

In general terms, orthodontics based on invisible aligners solves problems of malocclusion (bad bites) that are the cause of many dental problems such as bruxism and even pain in regions close to the mouth.

In the following detailed article on dental malocclusions, you will be able to have more information about it.

Alternatives to Invisible Orthodontics

Metal Orthodontics with Metal Brackets

For all of the above, you have surely realized that the benefits of aligners over braces are very notable, mainly because you do not have the discomfort or irritation that metal elements cause in your mouth.

However, in some cases, usually the most complex, it is advisable to use traditional orthodontics with braces.

Aesthetic Orthodontics with Ceramic, Sapphire or Lingual Braces

Aesthetic Orthodontics based on sapphire brackets, ceramic or lingual brackets often tends to be confused with Invisible Orthodontics.

Invisible orthodontics is really orthodontics completely without braces and this is where its maximum comfort lies because the aligners are removable, which helps you maintain excellent oral hygiene without the discomfort of braces.

Like metal orthodontics, aesthetic orthodontics is a great option to maintain aesthetics in more complex cases.

How to have Invisible Aligners in Ecuador

Tiempo Necesario : 30 days

To install transparent orthodontics, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Evaluation

    It is verified that the treatment is appropriate to your case, the first photographs and study models are taken.
    Just contact us for an appointment

  2. CAD-CAM molds

    Your teeth are scanned to obtain a 3D image of your entire set of teeth

  3. Ship to USA

    Your case is sent electronically to Smile Aligner Inc to jointly define the treatment plan to follow and tu design your 3D Simulation

  4. 3D Simulation Approval

    We evaluate together with you the simulation of your case where we can see the expected final result, know the definitive number of aligners that your case requires and the estimated duration of the treatment

  5. 3D printing of the case modeling

    In Smile Aligner Inc they manufacture the transparent aligning sheets that you require according to your case and they are sent to our Dental Clinic in Quito.

  6. Installation

    The first aligner is installed. Periodically it is replaced by the next aligner in the treatment sequence designed for you.

  • Special equipment for dental purposes
  • 3D Oral Scanner
  • 3D Printer
  • biocompatible acetate
  • Composite resins

What Clear Aligners Brands Exist?

There are different brands internationally, however, all are based on the same technique of transparent aligners or aligners and computer design of all dental movements with the help of attachments.

Among the best known brands in Ecuador, we have

Invisalign and Smile Aligner

How Much Does Invisible Orthodontics or Clear Aligners Cost in Ecuador?

The costs of aligners are similar to those of lingual orthodontics and its controls, which makes it an excellent economic option.

You should always consider that metal orthodontics normally has additional costs not initially foreseen, such as the replacement of fallen brackets and an indeterminate number of monthly controls.

In contrast, the cost of computer-planned invisible orthodontics is more predictable

The responsibility for orthodontic treatments is based on a personalized diagnosis according to the conditions of each patient, that is, no treatment is the same as another.

For this reason the price of an orthodontics or any treatment varies from patient to patient.

In ASIRI, we take the diagnostic stage very seriously to be able to give a price to our patients, so we achieve a fair and adequate cost to each one.

The Asiri Dental Center is a pioneer in clear aligners in Ecuador and we have the international support and certification of Smile Aligners Inc.

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