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Clear Aligners in Ecuador

Invisible Orthodontics

Do you need orthodontics but don’t want anyone to notice?

Using Clear Aligners you can achieve that… !!!

Having braces is a thing of the past, today you can have orthodontics without anyone noticing that you have it

Better yet, you can have orthodontics without discomfort or irritation, without bad breath, without food placed in the devices and with movements so delicate and precise that take care of the roots of the teeth avoiding dental losses.

Invisible Orthodontics is one of the aesthetic orthodontic systems most demanded by patients and in Quito you get it at the Asiri Dental Center.

This preference is mainly due to its high level of aesthetics, comfort and accuracy in the treatment result.

“Transparent orthodontics” is the latest in orthodontics and is based on the use of invisible, individualized, removable aligners that are also called clear aligners or dental aligners.

The aligners are manufactured with planning of the treatment objectives in a computerized way so the results are much more predictable.

The systems of aligners or transparent aligners are designed to perform gradual and safe dental movements, that is to say orthodontics without brackets.

This accuracy is achieved through CAD-CAM technology by scanning the prints or direct intraoral scanning.

Aligners have a number of advantages over conventional orthodontic systems

Transparent Orthodontics versus Aesthetic Orthodontics

Aesthetic Orthodontics often tends to be confused based on sapphire brackets, ceramic or Lingual braces with Invisible Orthodontics.

Invisible orthodontics is really an orthodontics totally without brackets and in this lies its maximum comfort because the aligners or aligners are removable, which helps you maintain excellent oral hygiene and without the inconvenience of the brackets.

Main steps to follow to have Invisible Aligners in Ecuador

To install Invisible orthodontics in the Asiri Dental Care Center, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Evaluation: it is verified that the treatment is appropriate to your case, the first photographs and study models are taken.
  2. CAD-CAM models: your teeth are scanned to get a 3D image of all your teeth
  3. Your case is sent electronically to Smile Aligner Inc to jointly define the treatment plan to follow
  4. At Smile Aligner Inc they manufacture the clear aligners that you require according to your case and are sent to our Dental Clinic in Quito.
  5. The first aligner is installed. Periodically this is replaced by the following aligner in the treatment sequence designed for you.

What clear aligners brands exist?

There are different brands internationally, however, all are based on the same technique of transparent aligners or aligners and computer design of all dental movements with the help of attachments.


Among the best known brands in Ecuador, we have

Invisalign y Smile Aligner

How much does invisible orthodontics or clear aligners cost in Ecuador?

The responsibility for orthodontic treatments is based on a personalized diagnosis according to the conditions of each patient, that is, no treatment is the same as another.

For this reason the price of an orthodontics or any treatment varies from patient to patient.

In ASIRI, we take the diagnostic stage very seriously to be able to give a price to our patients, so we achieve a fair and adequate cost to each one.

The Asiri Dental Center is a pioneer in clear aligners in Ecuador and we have the international support and certification of Smile Aligners Inc.