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Recommended dentists


We are Recommended english speaking Dentists in Quito. An excellent and united team of professional dentists with long experience in hospitals and universities, all with their respective degrees approved and registered with the Senescyt.

Gravatar de autora del articulo: Doctora Krisna Casal

Our Foundress and guardian of our Values
Dr. Krisna makes sure that the treatment you receive is successful by contrasting opinions between all the doctors that are necessary and ensuring a neat execution of all the processes.

More about Dr. Krisna Casal

Bianca Margarita Barradas Gómez
Rehabilitadora Bucal

Dr. Bianca restores smiles where previously there were missing, severely damaged, dysfunctional or poorly aesthetic teeth.

More about Dr. Bianca Barradas

andrea curvelo

Our Endodontist
Dr. Andrea eliminates pain and saves teeth that many would have given up on

More About Dra. Andrea Curvelo

rosemilia hernández

Makes extractions a surprisingly comfortable experience.
It’s not just removing a tooth… it’s knowing how to remove it

More about Dra. Rosemilia Hernández

dr emilio torres

Dr. Emilio takes very gentle care of your gums and helps you keep your teeth in a clean and healthy mouth.

More about Dr. Emilio Torres

Dr. Héctor Franco - Ortodoncista

Returns smiles where there were previously misaligned teeth

More about Dr. Héctor Franco

liliana jiménez
Asesora en Endodoncia

When endodontics gets more than difficult, Dr. Liliana is always there to advise us and guide us towards successful treatment

More about Dra. Liliana Jiménez

richard hackshaw

Dr. Richard has a very high success rate in implant placement through careful planning

marisela gonzález de bello
Asesora en Ortodoncia Invisible

Breaking paradigms, complex orthodontic cases can also be invisible.
Dr. Marisela and her passion for orthodontics has taken the invisible orthodontic technique far beyond simple cases.

More About Dra. Marisela González de Bello

ramon antonio jimenez molina
Director Técnico

Ramón makes sure that everything works so that your dental experience is special. From Biosafety, to being your bilingual treatments counselor

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