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Recommended dentists


We are Recommended Dentists in Quito. An excellent and united team of professional dentists with long experience in hospitals and universities, all with their respective degrees approved and registered with the Senescyt.

Krisna casal

Krisna Casal

  • Dentist Graduated in 2000 from the University of Carabobo.
  • The private sector practices dentistry
  • She has passed various diplomas and certifications in the areas of:
    Dental Aesthetics
    Pediatric dentistry
Marisela González de Bello

Marisela González de Bello

  • Dentist Graduated from the University of Carabobo
  • Orthodontic Specialist Dentist at the Vellini Institute in Brazil
  • Magister in Orthodontics at Unicid Brasil.
  • Orthodontist of the Clinical area
    Academic and Teaching Coordinator of the Orthodontic Courses
    Coordinator of the orthodontic specialization, Saint Germain School (Brazil)
  • Author of the book Mordidas abiertas Editorial AcadĂ©mica Española (EAE)
  • International speaker
Richard Hackshaw

Richard Hackshaw

  • Rehabilitation Implantologist
  • Recommended Venezuelan dentists with postgraduate degrees in Brazil and Spain.
  • Oral Surgeon – Maxillus – Facial
Liliana Jiménez

Liliana Jiménez

  • Dentist 1990. University of Carabobo
  • Specialist In Teaching For Higher Education
  • Endodontic Specialist
    Doctorate In Dentistry
  • Full Professor of the Faculty of Dentistry University of Carabobo
  • Member of the FOUC Research Commission
  • Speaker of the FOUC Dental Hygienist Training Course
  • Member of the EVS
    Book Authorship:
    The Microbial Biofilm in Persistent Endodontic Infections
    Post Operative Pain in Endodontics
    Endodontic Technical Writer
  • Ineternational Speaker
bianca barradas

Bianca Barradas

  • Dentist 2002 University of the Andes
    Specialization in Oral Rehabilitation. 2012 University of the Andes.
  • Diplomas in Oral Implantology
  • Diploma in Clinical Photography for Dentists
  • Diploma in Contemporary Dental Aesthetics and Surgery