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How do I know if I have a dental emergency?

In general, dental emergencies occur unexpectedly and require timely and urgent attention.

In some cases we can provide palliative treatment and others require immediate attention.

Normally emergencies have the common denominator of intense pain, whether due to dental diseases, fever, facial inflammation, abscesses and bleeding.

There are also situations of bumps and falls that can cause the loss or fracture of the teeth and even dislocation of the jaw.

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Signs and Symptoms that may be a Dental Emergency

There are signs and symptoms that can mean an urgency or emergency in the field of dentistry

Here are the most common ones:

  • Dental pain or moderate to severe toothache, throbbing, throbbing. This pain can be permanent or subside in short periods and increase with cold or heat.
  • Intense Tooth Pain, unbearable, you cannot chew, you have redness or swelling around the wisdom tooth or wisdom tooth. that has not yet completely cleared (has not erupted)
  • Swelling and redness on the face, usually caused by infection and with a sensation of heat on the cheek and sometimes may be accompanied by fever.
  • Presence of pus (white or whitish liquid) or suppuration at the gum level: abscess or fistula. It may taste bad in your mouth.
  • You had a fall in which your teeth were split or fallen out: In that case you should save your teeth, place them in a container with milk or saliva and bring them with you to our clinic.
  • Your jaw has dislocated or came out, that is, you had a dislocation of the lower jaw.

Dental Emergencies are Preventable

Our call is always not to let your dental problem worsen and reach the point of being an emergency.

Most non-accidental emergencies are related to the issue of letting a cavity grow to the point of requiring root canal treatment.

If you have a cavity, please, do not let it grow, it will take away the vitality of your tooth and cause you one of the strongest pains that affect the human being.

Please meet our english speaking dentists in Quito and we will help you to have excellent oral health.

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