Dentist for Seniors

Our older adults require the care of a trusted Dentist for seniors.

In the following video you will be able to observe our participation in the program Día a Día by Teleamazonas where our founder and our rehabilitators talk about oral health in the elderly:


Grandparents also deserve to be cared for by a dentist who knows the special care that an older adult requires

Asiriodonto en el Programa Día a Día por Teleamazonas

Dental health problems in older adults are very important since at this stage of life they have a great impact on their quality of life and a poor condition can represent a greater risk of consequences that may worsen their health.

It is therefore essential that effective preventive programs are designed aimed at this group of the population, which should not be based solely on treatment, but rather that prevention must be given great importance to avoid future complications.

dental biosecurity protocols are a factor determining factor to be able to carry them safely and reliably. At asiriodonto we use protocols based on standards from MSP ↗, CDC ↗ and WHO

Maintaining proper care and performing periodic dental check-ups, many future diseases can be prevented, since during aging we can suffer alterations related to health, which affect our oral cavity. In general terms, we can say that in older people the appearance of cavities and deterioration of teeth is common, as well as increased sensitivity in the area.

Common diseases in older people, such as diabetes or heart conditions can affect the oral cavity, therefore, it is important to keep the dentist informed of the diseases they suffer and also of the medication that the elderly person is taking.

Certain medications influence the appearance of common disorders in older people, such as dry mouth that can damage teeth and cause relationship or feeding difficulties, the dentist is the one who will best advise them; to avoid these problems.

There are common services that older adults require such as dentures or endodontics


The Asiri Dental Care Center is passionate about the care of the elderly.

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Director Técnico

Ramón makes sure that everything works so that your dental experience is special. From Biosafety, to being your bilingual treatments counselor

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