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Sustainability in Dentristry

Sustainability in dentistry focuses on a reduction strategy in addition to every possible initiative in the field of recycling and reuse.

In Asiri as your dentists in Quito , and as part of our values​​ and joinning the FDI project of sustainability in dentistry, we responsibly care about performing our work with minimal environmental impact

We also show our patients simple strategies they can carry out to reduce the impact of dentistry on the environment

sustainability in dentristry

The Main Action Item

In dentistry, the best way not to impact the environment is to achieve a decrease in the number of visits to the dentist .

This action is aligned with a reduction strategy, that is, it pollutes the least the one that produces the least pollutants.

By reducing the number of visits to the dentist, we achieve the following:

Reduction of CO2 emissions : by reducing the number of patient trips, as well as the emissions generated for the management of healthcare waste, the manufacture and distribution of dental supplies.

Generation of less waste : less materials are used, less packaging, fewer biosecurity supplies

How do I Visit the Dentist less?

Now, how do we manage to visit the dentist less, here are several possibilities

Sustainability in Dentistry is Maintaining Excellent Oral Health

Topics such as excellent oral prevention will make your visits to the dentist only for your regular check-up and cleaning, no more.

Here are the main actions you can take:

  • Toothbrushing with fluoride pastes after every meal, flossing
  • Avoid frequently consuming sugary foods and flavored sodas.
  • Consume alcohol in moderation and leave tobacco (including vaping and other sources).
  • Dental check-up and teeth cleaning every 6 months.

Combine Appointments for Different Teatments

You can coordinate with your dentist so that your appointments include as many treatments as possible so that you make the most of your travel.

Family Dental Appointments

They can join transfers with several members of a family, i.e seniors or friends so fewer transfers will be required.

How do I Make my Transfers Generate Less CO2 Emissions?

You can choose to use public transport or the bicycle as a means of transport

At asiri we facilitate these points with the following concrete actions:

  • We are located right in front of a trolleybus station in Quito
  • We also have internal bicycle parking where your bike will be safe within our facilities.

How do I Reduce or Recycle in Dentistry?

Save Water During Your Routine Dental Hygiene

  • Use less water by turning off the tap while brushing
  • Post-brushing rinsing can be skipped or done with a minimal amount of water
  • Don’t floss to the toilet, instead throw it away in the trash

Use Toothpaste Rationally

Not all tubes of toothpaste are recyclable, and even if they were, the least amount of waste should be generated.

Use only the necessary amount of toothpaste that is equivalent to about one centimeter of toothpaste between the bristles of the brush.

Recycle the Packaging, Caps and Tubes of Toothpaste.

  • Choose toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes and packaging made with sustainable materials.
  • Toothpaste caps are recyclable, please dispose of them properly
  • Recycle the packaging , toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste if possible. Check the recycling symbol they have

Our Sustainability Policies in Dentistry

Now, from an internal point of view, at the Asiri Dental Center, as an ecological dental clinic in Quito, we have developed concrete policies so that our practice presents the sustainability in dentistry that our values ​​profess.

Below we summarize these policies

Water Savings

  • We reuse the water after it is discarded by the autoclave, with it we water our plants
  • We make rational use of water in dental cleanings, in the turbine and in the spittoon
  • Our toilets have dual action of flushing


  • We deliver to recycling managers the cardboard boxes where our supplies come from as well as the plastics we use.
  • We will be attentive to the arrival of the recyclable toothpaste tubes to inform our patients .


  • We reuse the plastic pots where the cleaning and disinfection products come

Elimination of the Use of Paper

  • We use electronic billing
  • We use electronic vouchers for credit or debit card transactions
  • We send prescriptions, directions and treatment plans electronically.
  • We prefer to receive radiographs in digital format

Minimum Electricity Consumption

  • We use only LED bulbs with adequate power for the lighting area
  • The lights are controlled by motion sensors
  • We make the most of natural light with large windows < / li>
  • We use compressed air very consciously in our dental unit
  • We generate minimal electricity consumption at times when we do not have patients.

Use of Biodegradable Products

  • We use, as far as possible, biodegradable cleaning products

Growing and Caring for Plants

  • We love plants and when you visit us you will know what we have in our environment and in the outskirts.
ramon antonio jimenez molina
Director Técnico

Ramón makes sure that everything works so that your dental experience is special. From Biosafety, to being your bilingual treatments counselor

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