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Crooked Teeth

Malocclusions are discrepancies or defects in the bites that are popularly known as crooked teeth . Normally, it is failures in the natural alignment of the teeth that cause problems in chewing, difficulty in hygiene of the mouth and aesthetic problems that can be severe.

Teeth in poor position or occlusion are difficult to keep clean and are at risk of early loss due to cavities and periodontal diseases

They also cause greater tension on the chewing muscles that cause headaches, TMJ syndrome (Temporo-Mandibular Joint), various pain in the neck, shoulders and back.

dientes chuecos

Types of Crooked Teeth or Bad Bites

If you have any of the following conditions, you may need treatment to correct your bite:

Overbite or Deep Bite

The upper anterior teeth close far in front and below the lower ones, thus covering them almost completely.

tipos de dientes chuecos: mordida profunda. Los dientes inferiores son tapados por los superiores
Deep bite: the lower teeth are covered by the upper ones


The lower teeth are extended excessively forward or the upper teeth are positioned too far back.

tipos de dientes chuecos: submordida. dientes superiores muy hacia adelante

Cross Bite

The upper teeth do not fall slightly in front of the lower anteriors or slightly outside the lower posterior teeth, resulting in different patterns.

tipos de dientes chuecos: mordida cruzada: los dientes superiores están por dentro lde los inferiores
Cross bite
tipos de dientes chuecos: mordida cruzada anterior.
front cross bite

Open Bite

Space that occurs between the biting surfaces of the anterior teeth when the rest of the teeth are closed on one side.

Tipos de dientes chuecos:  mordida abierta, los dientes no se pueden cerrar
Open bite

Displaced Midline

The imaginary line that divides the upper anterior teeth in the center does not align with that of the lower teeth, nor with that of the face.

Spacing or Diastemas

Gaps or gaps between teeth as a result of missing pieces or teeth that do not take up all the space.

tipos de dientes chuecos: Diastema entre incisivos centrales superiores
Diastema entre incisivos centrales superiores


When the teeth are too big to be accommodated in the space offered by the jaws.

tipos de dientes chuecos: apiñamiento dental, los dientes se cruzan por falta de espacio
Apiñamiento dental
tipos de dientes chuecos: dientes apiñados
Dientes apiñados

How do I Fix Crooked teeth?

Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry that is responsible for the correction of incorrectly positioned teeth and bones.

Orthodontic treatments have the advantage of providing us with a healthy mouth, a pleasant-looking smile, and teeth with a greater chance of lasting a lifetime.

The specialist in this field is the Orthodontist who, in addition to basic university training as a dentist, has two or more years of fourth year study level in a specialization program in Orthodontics.

Only your orthodontist can determine if you need orthodontic treatment based on diagnostic elements such as:

  1. Complete medical and dental history
  2. Clinical examination
  3. Models of your teeth
  4. Panoramic X-ray
  5. Lateral cephalic X-ray
  6. Cephalometric studies
  7. Photographs.

According to the diagnosis made, your orthodontist or dentist will decide the treatment you need, either with traditional orthodontics or with the new transparent orthodontics and will develop a treatment plan appropriate to your needs

The Smart Solution for Crooked Teeth

Intercept bad bites with Dental Orthopedics

The ideal age to intercept and correct your child’s crooked teeth is before puberty since we can do treatments that solve:

  • Alterations in mandibular or maxillary growth.
  • Problems in the emergence of permanent teeth
  • Bad habits such as mouth breathing and sucking of fingers or objects.
  • Premature loss of primary or milk teeth.

Referece: https://www.topdoctors.es/diccionario-medico/maloclusion-dental

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