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Large Dental Reconstructions or Core Build-ups

The permanence of a tooth in the mouth begins to be put at risk when it presents cavities that warrant a composite resin ; For this reason, large dental reconstructions have been a widely used option in oral rehabilitation .

In these conditions of great dental deterioration, the tooth can be the object of death of the nerve, dental fractures or its definitive loss.

This is where the tooth needs to be saved using more complex techniques such as root canals, reconstructions or indirect dental restorations.

grandes reconstrucciones de resina

Core Build-ups in Composite Resin

They are large fillings used to restore teeth with a high level of damage caused by cavities.

These large dental fillings are made in aesthetic resins and directly in the mouth.

Onde molded, they adhere to the tooth using special adhesives and take their hard consistency after a process called photopolymerization↗.

grandes reconstrucciones en resina en quito
Before and after composite resin reconstructions. Photo: Archive Asiri Dental Center in Quito

Cases in which it is used

It is used in cases in which 3 or more faces of the tooth are affected but their shape is such that the areas near the gum are not compromised or contact with neighboring teeth.

This tooth involvement can occur by:

The problem of large composite reconstructions

The most important thing in a restoration is the correct seal that prevents the entry of bacteria into the tooth.

Being so large, dental reconstructions are susceptible to leaks because there is very little natural enamel left for the resin to adhere properly.

If a proper technique is not applied, they can touch neighboring teeth or leave very little space between them, resulting in difficulty in cleaning, thus increasing the risk of periodontal disease.

Tip: Always check very well if your case is a case that applies to a large resin reconstruction. Ask your dentist if you are not at risk of leakage or fracture.

Its technological successor

To correct the problems of reconstructions, there are indirect techniques where the filling is made to measure outside the mouth, in the dental laboratory.

It is then that dental inlays appear as the best option to achieve a large dental restoration with minimal risk of leakage or fractures.

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The technology in dental materials allows teeth severely affected by cavities to be kept in the mouth more and more.

More aesthetic materials, more resistant and that can be molded or milled out of the mouth, are a great alternative to manual processing and direct in the mouth.

At the Asiri Dental Center located in Quito we are ready to guide you to achieve and maintain your full oral health.

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