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Childhood Dental Caries

The childhood caries prevention , especially of infantile or early tooth decay is a commitment that we acquire in Asiriodonto, a child does not deserve to suffer from oral health problems.

Tooth decay is a disease that affects humans at all stages of their life. In children, it attacks both temporary and permanent teeth.

The child also requires dental technical aspects focused on maintaining oral health and most importantly: allowing the growth and development of healthy adult teeth.


Our Commitment to Preventing Early Caries in Children

caries en niños

It all begins with the initial loss of tissues such as dentin or tooth enamel

This erosion is caused by the acids that bacterial plaque generates when it processes the sugar that remains in the mouth after eating.

In a healthy mouth, this loss of tissues is recovered through a process of remineralization.

Due to deficiencies in oral hygiene, the environment that favors the formation of dental plaque prevails, thus, remineralization loses the battle and tooth decay is generated.

The early stages of the disease are asymptomatic, so we are not aware of its appearance until the decay progresses and its severe symptoms suddenly begin.

What happens to children in the process of early tooth decay?

Worldwide, caries is particularly frequent in underprivileged children, with socioeconomic disadvantages that make it difficult for them to access dental health care.

Early childhood tooth decay is characterized by:

  • Affecting children under 6 years old
  • Attacking one no or more teeth
  • L white streaks on temporary teeth
  • Loss of several teeth
  • Be progressive and quickly reach severe stages.
  • Present abscesses dental
  • Limit the ability to feed and therefore the growth of the child
  • Education about a better dental hygiene

The origin of this disease is directly related to the following factors:

  • Frequent consumption of beverages or & nbsp; sugary foods
  • Lack of breastfeeding
  • Poor dental hygiene

How to attack infant tooth decay?

The World Health Organization↗ recommends the following lines of action:

  • Early Diagnosis
  • Feeding the baby and the child
  • Facilitate access to fluoride toothpaste
  • Execute periodic dental prophylaxis
  • Monitoring of halitosis
  • Application of dental sealants , fluoride topifications and minimally invasive restoration techniques
  • Education in dental prevention in communities
  • Commitment of primary health professionals in the prevention and control of child caries
  • & nbsp; Monitoring and evaluation
  • Integration of childhood caries prevention and control into public health initiatives

Aware of this situation, at the Asiri Dental Center we have special consideration with the care and prevention of childhood dental caries and we always have active plans to reduce its incidence in Ecuadorian and Quito children , even more so in those with low resources who are the most susceptible to suffering from this disease that should never be present in a child.

We enjoy what we do and it shows in the service we provide you. Contact us

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We are a dental office where we serve children in dental prevention that we have Dentists in Quito Entrepreneurs of vocation who guarantee the best service because Asiri is theirs.


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