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3D Simulation of Aligner Treatment

An invisible orthodontics with base on transparent aligners splints is a treatment that leaves no details random.

From the beginning, your case is designed by computer in a specialized center of the Smile Aligner brand in the USA

At this point you will know the number of aligners you need and most importantly: a very close approximation of the expected final result.

Like all good orthodontic treatment and as with braces, it should start with a series of studies that will allow your doctor to plan the winning strategy so that your case is safe and successful.

In invisible orthodontics, the most important of the studies that must be carried out is the 3D scan of your teeth

Based on this study, a 3D simulation of your case is made where you can see step by step the movements that have been planned to be carried out on your teeth.

In this article we will show you this important step in your treatment in greater detail.

Invisible Orthodontics in Quito

3D simulation in invisible orthodontics

Once the 3D scan of your misaligned teeth is done, digital files of both your dental arches and your bite registration are generated.

These files are sent to the factory in the USA where they are entered into a special program for digital orthodontics with CAD/CAM technology

At this moment is when the orthodontist begins to design the movements that your teeth need so that your teeth are aligned and your bite is functional.

Each step in these movements represents the work each aligner must do

Once this design stage is complete, a kind of three-dimensional video is generated where these movements can be seen, one by one.

In the following video you can see a 3D simulation of one of our cases at the Asiri Dental Center in Quito.

At the Asiri Dental Center, once we obtain this simulation from the USA, we proceed to discuss it with you in order to obtain your approval and authorize the manufacture.

Importance of 3D Simulation

Many times there is a tendency to carry out very short-term planning where, depending on how the case progresses, the steps are executed with the famous: “as we progress, we will see”

In a good invisible orthodontic treatment, all the steps are previously planned from start to finish, which makes it a more predictable technique in terms of time and the final cost of the treatment.

Herein lies the importance: in having a very close idea of ​​the results even before starting treatment.

With the 3D simulation of aligner treatment you will know:

  • the number of aligners that your case requires.
  • The estimated time of your treatment
  • A good approximation of the expected final result

This gives you and us greater certainty that the result will be satisfactory.

Field of application

The 3D simulation applies to ALL invisible orthodontic cases with aligners.

You should be wary if they tell you that they will make the aligners one by one as the treatment progresses.

This is a sign of the absence of a correct long-term planning scheme.


Having greater certainty of the final result of an orthodontic treatment is a key factor that allows you to be calmer when choosing the most beneficial orthodontic technique for you.

An invisible orthodontic treatment correctly planned on the computer must be previously planned from start to finish.

You must be careful because you can find a place where they make aligners, but they are made one by one and without prior planning.

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