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Root Canal Retreatment

A root canal retreatment , also known as re-endodontia, is necessary when for some reason the root canal treatment initially fails.

This failure of the initial root canal again leads to a high risk of losing the affected tooth as its interior becomes contaminated, once more.

Hence the importance of the experience of the endodontist who performs the initial treatment in order to eliminate a large part of the failure factors.

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What is a Root Canal Retreat?

A root canal retreatment is the performance for at least a second time of a root canal treatment due to the failure of the initial endodontic treatment .

A root canal retreat is a more complex procedure than the root canal treatment itself, because it involves removing all the material used in the initial treatment and completely redoing the root canal.

This increase in complexity means that the price of a root canal treatment is higher than the price of the initial treatment.

The most important thing in an endodontic treatment is to achieve a correct sealing of the tooth at all its ends:

  • Coronal: through a correct and timely final restoration (filling, inlay or crown)
  • Apical: with an exact location and corresponding filling.

What are its Possible Causes?

There is a great variety of causes within which are:

  • Failures in the filling of the canal : when the filling of the root canal is defective, leaving under-filled (short) or overextended (long). In fact, this is the most common cause 1
  • Inadequate disinfection : when the pulp is removed and cleaning is inadequate, leaving traces of pulp or microbes inside.
  • Curvatures of the canal : making cleaning difficult and root canal disinfection.
  • Failures in location and sealing of the apex : the apex is the deepest end of each root and knowing exactly where it is located is a This is a crucial activity for its correct sealing and therefore the success of the treatment.
  • Accessory canals not located : sometimes no canals are detected that are anatomically additional to the normal ones that a tooth has . For this reason, they remain untreated.
  • Lack of coronal sealing : at the end of the root canal treatment, it is imperative to place the final restoration to avoid the entry of bacteria and thus new infections
  • Coronary fractures : if there is exposure of the endodontic treatment, there is room for the entry of bacteria that contaminate the treatment
  • Previous untreated infections : when the root canal treatment is performed in the middle of an infection in the area.
  • Persistence of periapical infections : when there is some other factor that causes the infections to not stop and contaminate the inside of the tooth.

What Should I do if I Need a Root Canal retreatment?

You should go to a certified endodontist with great experience so that evaluate your case and determine the cause that forces your tooth to be portrayed.

Once the cause is known, you must have the root canal retreatment in Quito at this endodontic specialist so that with his knowledge and practice, he can proceed to treat your tooth again and the cause is eliminated.


The failure of a root canal is something that can happen and whose main cause is of technical origin.

And if it happens to you, you should go to a professional with a lot of experience and adequate equipment to correct the initial treatment and thus save your tooth.

Now, this risk can be mitigated if you choose an excellent professional to perform your root canal treatment from the beginning.

At the time of the initial treatment, the price factor takes a second place because it is useless to get a cheap root canal if in the medium term you are going to have to resort to another professional for a retreatment. You end up spending more than double the money.

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