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Invisible Orthodontics

dientes chuecos

Crooked Teeth

Malocclusions are discrepancies or defects in the bites that are popularly known as crooked teeth . Normally, it is failures in the natural alignment of the teeth that cause problems in chewing, difficulty in hygiene of the mouth and aesthetic problems that can be severe. Teeth in poor position or occlusion are difficult to keep …

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Bracket Metálico

Braces in Orthodontics

What is a bracket? It is a device used in orthodontics that is manufactured with very resistant materials, usually metallic (steel alloys), ceramics and also sapphire. They are shaped such that they adhere to the surface of the teeth. Its surface is very smooth and rounded, as a result of this the surrounding soft tissues …

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Clear Orthodontics Aligners

Transparent aligners, also known as aligners for their English translation, are the fundamental component of the invisible orthodontics . They are the ones who carry out the forces that cause the movements necessary to align the teeth. They are made of transparent material is to achieve the aesthetic effect of being practically invisible and hence …

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