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Dr. Héctor Franco

doctor hector franco

About me

I’m Héctor Francisco Franco Reverón, Orthodontist at Asiri Dental Center

My passion

See smiles where before there was pity.

My Goals

My mission is to recover the function and aesthetics of my patients through the use of orthodontic techniques

I can help:

Solving any type of malocclusion and dental alignment problems

My Professional Experience

2019 – todayOrthodontist at the Asiri Dental Center in Quito
2017 – todayOrthodontist in several dental centers in the city of Quito, among them: Franco Dental
2015 – 2022Homologation process in the Republic of Ecuador for the Title of Odontologist, Specialization in Integral Stomatology for Children and tenaggers and Specialization in Orthodontics (SENESCYT, CACES and MSP)

Mayor Academic Achievements

2012Centro de Entrenamiento Prof. Flavio Vellini, Sao Paulo, BrasilSpecialist in Orthodontics
2002Universidad Santa MaríaSpecialist in Integral Stomatology for Children and Adolescents
1989Universidad Central de los AndesDentist

My hobbies

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Dr. Héctor Franco - Ortodoncista

Returns smiles where there were previously misaligned teeth

More about Dr. Héctor Franco

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