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sintomas tratamiento de conducto

Root Canal Symptoms

Below we explain the symptoms of a root canal treatment . These are the most common symptoms and if you present them, it is very important that you immediately consult your trusted endodontist. Only your dentist, through a set of pulpal diagnostic tests, will be able to evaluate and presume the health status of your […]

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Root Canal Retreatment

A root canal retreatment , also known as re-endodontia, is necessary when for some reason the root canal treatment initially fails. This failure of the initial root canal again leads to a high risk of losing the affected tooth as its interior becomes contaminated, once more. Hence the importance of the experience of the endodontist

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tratamiento de conducto en quito

Root Canal Treatment

Within conservative dentistry, the procedure par excellence is the Root Canal Treatment . It aims to save the tooth whose vitality has been affected by external agents such as cavities, fractures or occlusal trauma. At the Asiri Dental Care Center in Quito you will find your ideal endodontist who will use all his experience to

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