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Tooth Decay

Tooth decay s is the main enemy of dentists and is a disease that according to WHO article affects 2 billion people in their permanent teeth and 520 million children have cavities in their baby teeth. That is to say, it is very prevalent and needs to be prevented to improve the health and quality

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prevenir la gingivitis con el cepillado dental


With the daily hustle and bustle it is possible that we overlook signs or symptoms that seem to be normal but that can be a warning of the beginning of an inflammation in our gums or Gingivitis. Do you bleed when you brush your teeth? Do you have red gums? Prevent dental diseases such as

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All About Dental Hygiene

The regular and systematic practice of good dental or, more precisely, oral hygiene, is the foundation of having and maintaining excellent oral health. The dream of every dentist is to have patients who visit him only for prevention and oral health issues instead of complex cases that could well have been avoided by following simple

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Childhood Dental Caries

The childhood caries prevention , especially of infantile or early tooth decay is a commitment that we acquire in Asiriodonto, a child does not deserve to suffer from oral health problems. Tooth decay is a disease that affects humans at all stages of their life. In children, it attacks both temporary and permanent teeth. The

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