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indicaciones postoperatoria dental

Post-surgical Indications

Following the post-surgical indications recommended by your oral surgeon is a key factor in success of any oral surgery. Below we give you, for reference, a general list of indications of things you can do after wisdom teeth removal or any other surgical dental procedure. We do not pretend to be a guide of what […]

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periodontics in quito

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth: a subject that normally generates some anguish in us mainly when they are coming out, because they can cause pain, inflammation if they get obstacles in their way, but hand in hand of a Maxillofacial Surgeon , you can solve it quickly and comfortably Asiri, as a Trusted Dental Center In this article

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Implantes dentales en Quito

Dental Implants in Quito

The goal of dentistry is to keep the teeth in the mouth, but unfortunately there are cases in which this is not possible and tooth loss occurs and that is when you need dental implants. The loss of teeth produces aesthetic problems, affects the chewing and digestive function and even alters phonetics. To rehabilitate tooth

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