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gummy smile treatment in quito

Gummy Smile

The gummy smile is a problem that is normally seen as a purely aesthetic problem, however it has some functional implications, mainly periodontals that must be attended. From the Asiri Dental Center in Quito, Ecuador we want you to know everything about the tall smile or gummy smile, what it is, its causes and possible […]

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scaling and root planing patient guide

Scaling and Root Planing

The standard and very effective treatment to treat and control periodontal disease is the Scaling and Root Planing. At the Asiri Dental Center we offer you an excellent scaling and root planing service in Quito, but first we want you to know all the details of this treatment that will allow you to go to

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Periodontitis en quito

Periodontitis: What do I do?

Did you know that periodontitis affects 11% of the world population ? [1] That is, there are more patients with periodontitis than with diabetes, depression or asthma [2], AND MANY TIMES PEOPLE DOES NOT KNOW . Periodontal disease is a really serious issue and that is why at the Asiri Dental Center we want to

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